Fashion does not operate in a suspended space, it records time, interprets it, anticipates it through the personal visions of those who create it. The search for a new balance looking forward pervades the Ermanno Scervino collection. With a touch of rebellion. In its own way: made of kindness, harmony in contrasts, attention to detail and the most exquisite manual skills. The ability to use laces with a dry look, to soften leather with carvings and phytomorphic inlays, to treat jute, rough and tactile, like a precious material.
As always for Ermanno Scervino, who celebrate 20 years of the brand this year, the central theme is the search for beauty and its ever-changing balance. White prevails this season and is cut with graphic black, while light and fluffy materials contrast with leathers, mattes and denims. The fabrics are all meticulously crafted, with embroidery, openwork, embellishments, and overlapping layers of lace. The legs are uncovered with this season’s shorts, which combined with the blazer define the new suit, or peep under fringes and very short hems. A sophisticated note en plein air runs through the collection with floral embroideries, shaded animal print, and the sunny pastels. Even the black leather suggests a soft allure rather than hardness. The mix of lace, cottons, chiffon, jute, leathers and denim accompanies a chromatic path pervaded by black and white, with touches of pink, blue and flashes of spotted.
The result is delicately assertive: a juxtaposition of opposites resolved with an elegant spirit of synthesis and absolute nonchalance. At the center is the woman, beautiful without artifice, who crosses the present without nostalgia.