1. Cady minidress with Georgette sleeves and inserts
    HK$11,732.00 Regular Price HK$16,760.00
  2. Long-sleeved velvet dress with lace inserts
    HK$28,847.00 Regular Price HK$41,210.00
  3. Long-sleeve lace dress
    HK$47,110.00 Regular Price HK$67,300.00
  4. Flared cady dress with lace inserts
    HK$17,311.00 Regular Price HK$24,730.00
  5. Sleeveless cady dress with pleated skirt
    HK$14,616.00 Regular Price HK$20,880.00
  6. Silk satin slip dress
    HK$19,040.00 Regular Price HK$27,200.00
  7. Silk satin slip dress
    HK$21,735.00 Regular Price HK$31,050.00
  8. Lace and tulle slip dress
    HK$44,226.00 Regular Price HK$63,180.00
  9. Velvet slip dress with lace inlays
    HK$20,384.00 Regular Price HK$29,120.00
  10. Silk satin tube dress
    HK$24,997.00 Regular Price HK$35,710.00
  11. Silk satin slip dress
    HK$21,735.00 Regular Price HK$31,050.00
  12. Silk georgette dress
    HK$47,110.00 Regular Price HK$67,300.00
  13. Tartan fabric mini dress
    HK$16,156.00 Regular Price HK$23,080.00
  14. Macramé dress with ruching
    HK$38,269.00 Regular Price HK$54,670.00
  15. Short dress with ruching
    HK$23,849.00 Regular Price HK$34,070.00
  16. Lurex slip dress with lace
    HK$18,081.00 Regular Price HK$25,830.00
  17. Silver macramé dress
    HK$39,424.00 Regular Price HK$56,320.00
  18. Organza dress with ruching
    HK$26,348.00 Regular Price HK$37,640.00
  19. Polka-dot one-shoulder dress
    HK$35,574.00 Regular Price HK$50,820.00
  20. One-shoulder organza dress
    HK$27,307.00 Regular Price HK$39,010.00
  21. Organza dress with ruching
    HK$24,038.00 Regular Price HK$34,340.00