1. High-tech gabardine bomber
    CHF2,628.00 Regular Price CHF4,380.00
  2. Tartan cigarette trousers
    CHF468.00 Regular Price CHF780.00
  3. Tartan stretch flannel jacket with embroidery
    CHF1,506.00 Regular Price CHF2,510.00
  4. Tartan shirt with tartan mosaic patches
    CHF786.00 Regular Price CHF1,310.00
  5. Patchwork jeans in comfort denim
    CHF576.00 Regular Price CHF960.00
  6. Butterfly brooch with crystal detailing
    CHF174.00 Regular Price CHF290.00
  7. Tartan shirt with mosaic denim details
    CHF900.00 Regular Price CHF1,500.00
  8. High-necked cashmere top with lace inserts
    CHF1,188.00 Regular Price CHF1,980.00
  9. Comfort denim boyfriend jeans
    CHF516.00 Regular Price CHF860.00
  10. Check fabric bag with embroidery
    CHF1,140.00 Regular Price CHF1,900.00
  11. Herringbone wool coat
    CHF1,188.00 Regular Price CHF1,980.00
  12. Tartan stretch flannel coat with embroidery
    CHF2,004.00 Regular Price CHF3,340.00
  13. Tartan fabric mini dress
    CHF1,344.00 Regular Price CHF2,240.00
  14. Branded brooch
    CHF102.00 Regular Price CHF170.00
  15. Nylon and goose feather down jacket
    CHF2,928.00 Regular Price CHF4,880.00
  16. Flared cady dress with lace inserts
    CHF1,440.00 Regular Price CHF2,400.00
  17. Cady minidress with Georgette sleeves and inserts
    CHF978.00 Regular Price CHF1,630.00
  18. Stretch suede thigh-high boots
    CHF1,308.00 Regular Price CHF2,180.00
  19. Macramé dress with ruching
    CHF3,186.00 Regular Price CHF5,310.00
  20. Short dress with ruching
    CHF1,986.00 Regular Price CHF3,310.00
  21. Organza dress with ruching
    CHF2,196.00 Regular Price CHF3,660.00
  22. Organza dress with ruching
    CHF2,004.00 Regular Price CHF3,340.00