1. Double-breasted mohair coat with alpaca collar
    CHF2,484.00 Regular Price CHF4,140.00
  2. Double-breasted wool coat
    CHF1,584.00 Regular Price CHF2,640.00
  3. Double-breasted coat with rhinestones
    CHF1,584.00 Regular Price CHF2,640.00
  4. Double-breasted mohair coat with mink cuffs
    CHF4,158.00 Regular Price CHF6,930.00
  5. Double-breasted cashmere coat
    CHF2,400.00 Regular Price CHF4,000.00
  6. Double-breasted wool coat
    CHF1,668.00 Regular Price CHF2,780.00
  7. Wool coat
    CHF1,506.00 Regular Price CHF2,510.00
  8. Herringbone wool coat
    CHF1,188.00 Regular Price CHF1,980.00
  9. Long coat in wool knickerbocker
    CHF1,344.00 Regular Price CHF2,240.00
  10. Maxi wool coat with decorative French wire
    CHF1,842.00 Regular Price CHF3,070.00
  11. Double-breasted coat
    CHF3,762.00 Regular Price CHF6,270.00
  12. Herringbone wool coat
    CHF6,318.00 Regular Price CHF10,530.00
  13. Tartan stretch flannel coat with embroidery
    CHF2,004.00 Regular Price CHF3,340.00
  14. Sleeveless nylon down jacket
    CHF786.00 Regular Price CHF1,310.00
  15. Masculine stretch flannel jacket with tartan motif
    CHF1,104.00 Regular Price CHF1,840.00
  16. Tartan stretch flannel jacket with embroidery
    CHF1,506.00 Regular Price CHF2,510.00
  17. Nylon and goose feather down jacket
    CHF2,928.00 Regular Price CHF4,880.00
  18. Canvas parka
    CHF3,936.00 Regular Price CHF6,560.00
  19. Canvas parka
    CHF4,254.00 Regular Price CHF7,090.00
  20. High-tech gabardine bomber
    CHF2,628.00 Regular Price CHF4,380.00
  21. Mohair wool coat with fox fur cuffs
    CHF2,322.00 Regular Price CHF3,870.00
  22. Wool trench with pink fox fur collar
    CHF2,280.00 Regular Price CHF3,800.00
  23. Oversize, nylon and goose feather down jacket
    CHF1,476.00 Regular Price CHF2,460.00
  24. Military-style shearling coat
    CHF3,360.00 Regular Price CHF5,600.00