1. Robe coat with jewelled appliqué
    CHF738.00 Regular Price CHF1,230.00
  2. Herringbone coat with jewelled patch
    CHF840.00 Regular Price CHF1,400.00
  3. Mélange cardigan with jewelled patch
    CHF432.00 Regular Price CHF720.00
  4. Slip dress with embroidery and lace
    CHF354.00 Regular Price CHF590.00
  5. Bomber jacket with coloured bead patch
    CHF516.00 Regular Price CHF860.00
  6. Lace sequin slip dress
    CHF474.00 Regular Price CHF790.00
  7. Cashmere pullover
    CHF366.00 Regular Price CHF610.00
  8. Sequin midi skirt
    CHF492.00 Regular Price CHF820.00
  9. Poplin shirt with writing in glitter
    CHF240.00 Regular Price CHF400.00
  10. Jeans with jewelled appliqué
    CHF516.00 Regular Price CHF860.00
  11. T-shirt with embroidery and bead patch
    CHF174.00 Regular Price CHF290.00
  12. Jogging trousers with macramé side band
    CHF240.00 Regular Price CHF400.00
  13. Tartan fabric coat with jewelled appliqué
    CHF846.00 Regular Price CHF1,410.00
  14. Jersey T-shirt with glitter print
    CHF66.00 Regular Price CHF110.00
  15. Tulle shirt with decorative stars
    CHF156.00 Regular Price CHF260.00
  16. Plumetis dress embroidered with flowers
    CHF666.00 Regular Price CHF1,110.00
  17. Denim midi dress with Swarovski crystals
    CHF594.00 Regular Price CHF990.00
  18. Floral print silk dress
    CHF354.00 Regular Price CHF590.00
  19. Long multi-coloured floral print dress
    CHF516.00 Regular Price CHF860.00
  20. Shirt with multi-coloured floral print
    CHF300.00 Regular Price CHF500.00